Health care

Regular annual health examinations for Athletes

Athlete has a legal right for preventive Healthcare in accordance with regulations for Healthcare and Health inssurance (Article 35, Sport Acts, Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 003-02-5/2017-24 of 5/30/2017).

"Athlete is an Individual is registered as an Athlete, when he or she is at least 12 years old, member of a Sport Club which is a member of National Sport Association or Paralympic Committe of Slovenia and has been approved by Olympic Committee of Slovenia to compete in the official competition system and entered in tthe Register of registered and categorized Athletes.

An athlete is also an individual under the age os twelve (12) but not under the age of ten (10) registered In Olympic Sport discipline, Individual Sports participating at the World Championships where athletes younger than eihteen (18) years old can participate."

Sport medicine Centers:

Center za medicino športa
Metelkova 9

1000 Ljubljana
Ga. Vera Oblak
Tel: 01 300 82 93

Zdravstveni dom Celje
Diagnostični center
Medicina dela prometa in športa
Gregorčičeva 5
3000 Celje

Ga. Brigita Fižuleto
Tel.: 03 5434 419/ 417

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