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Certificate of athletic-friendly education

Presentation of the certificate for stimulating activities in the field of dual career of top athletes

Top athletes invest most of their time and energy into training and competitions, so they are often absent from the educational process, which affects the success in acquiring their education. Too often, top athletes are faced with difficulties in building another career when their career in sports ends, as many do not have the appropriate education and necessary experience. It is therefore important that they acquire education at the same time as they are competitively engaged in sports. Educational institutions allow athletes to make adjustments that can facilitate education and help them achieve the desired education despite intensive involvement in top sports.

The field of dual career demands coordination at the national level and the integration of several stakeholders at the same time accompanying the athlete through his entire career. Inter-level and interinstitutional cooperation are important, as well as the promotion of individual good practices.

One of the solutions is the certificate of athletic-friendly education, which was built on the model of family-friendly companies and other similar certificates at the EU level. The purpose of the certificate is to establish educational institutions that enable quality and adjusted education. The main goal is to finish high school and to facilitate the transition to higher levels of education through partner institutions.


The purpose of the certificate

1.Informing the athlete, to help decide them in which educational institution they have better conditions for education, with the aim of athletes completing at least a secondary level of education
2. A positive added value for educational institutions, in the way of comparative advantage


Method of obtaining the certificate

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