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The Athletes Commision

In line with the recommendation of the IOC's 2000 Reform Commission that athletes should be well represented at all levels of the sport movement (IOC, MFS, NOC…), the IOC encourages the NOC (National Olympic Committee) to set up Athlete Commissions.

In accordance with the recommendations of the IOC, on October 16, 2006, the NOC SLO established the Athlete Commission of NOC SLO (AC). The AC has worked intensely since then and has been successful in improving the status rights of Slovenian athletes.
The IOC in its recommendation also mentions the objectives or tasks, the composition of the commission, the representation of the members of the commission in the NOC and the frequency of committee meetings.

In accordance with the rules of the Athlete Commission, elections were held on 15. November 2018 in Slovenian Olympic Education Centre, at the nOC Slovenia headquarters in Ljubljana to elect the members of the AC. Athletes therfore have the opportunity to influence the improvement of status rights and a more appropriate status in the sports environment.

The Athletes` Commission members for the 2018-2022 term:

Chair of the NOC Athletes Commission:
  • Rasa Sraka Vuković - Judo
  • David Miklavčič - Handball
  • Ana Umer - Archery
  • Klemen Bauer - Biathlon
  • Marcel Rodman - Ice Hockey  



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