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Today, marketing activities are an indispensable feature of every sports organization.O n the one hand they help create financial work, and on the other hand, they promote the various involved stakeholders.

Olympic marketing is one of the most successful international marketing concepts.

Large organizational costs on one hand and on the other hand the Olympic crisis after a series of boycotts, led the IOC to develop a new concept of Olympic marketing, which was successfully launched after 1984.

Olympic marketing is different in some respects to the classic marketing:
  • The difference is evident primarily in the level of commercialization, because during the Olympic Games advertising of business partners is not allowed in sports venues or on Olympic clothing etc., which affects the image of Olympism in the eyes of the general public,
  • The number of business partners that obtain the right to be connected to Olympism is limited.

Today, the Olympic Games create one of the most successful international marketing concepts and reach billions of people in more than 200 countries around the world. Sponsorships contain varying degrees of cooperation, which further assign different benefits and rights, as well as the exclusive use of Olympic symbols and titles, linking to athletes' images, etc.


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