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Project B-wiser

Program description

From January 2017, a project named B - WISER, run by the VRIJE University in Brussels, will be held. Project partners from Slovenia are the Olympic Committee of Slovenia, the Faculty of Sport and Adecco Slovenia.
The two-year project relates to the field of top athletes and preparation for their employment. The project lasts 2 years. Educational institutions, sports organizations and Adecco from different countries will try to develop programs and activities that will help athletes in this field and which will contribute to the employability of athletes and help them obtain regular employment.
Through the project, the abilities of athletes will be identified so that the transition to a career after professional sport will be as successful as possible.
The project is co-financed by the European Commission, the Erasmus + Sport program in the period 2017 - 2018.


More information

B-WISER website:

B-WISER Twitter: @BWiser_DC
B-WISER Contact person at NOC SLO (Aleš Šolar):
B-WISER EU coordinator:

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