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Which Olympic symbols are protected in Slovenia and who is the holder of intellectual rights?

Who can use the Olympic symbols and how?

Can a sponsor of a selected athlete who is not also a sponsor of the Olympic team of Slovenia, conduct a campaign during the OG in which he uses the athlete, a member of the current Olympic team?

Is it necessary to obtain permission for the use of Olympic symbols in Slovenia?

What are the procedures and sanctions imposed by the NOC SLO in the event of violation or the improper and unjustified use of the Olympic signs?

Can I use Olympic tickets in a prize game?

Can we promote merchandise related to the Olympic Games or Olympism?

Can we conduct a seminar or conference in connection with the Olympic Games?

Is information about the Olympic Games allowed to be included on a company's website?

What can I do if I still did not find the answer to my question and am not sure about the correct use of Olympic symbols in my marketing activities?

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