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The club of sponsors

President: mag. Carmen Skoda Pizza
Vice-President: Maja Treven
Members: representatives of the sponsors of NOC SLO

The first group (called the marketing club) was formed at the beginning of the development of Olympic marketing in order to:
  • Enable closer business partnerships,
  • Exchange business experience,
  • Get acquainted with the additional options offered by Olympic marketing and
  • Get in contact with Slovenian athletes and discipline sports associations, etc.
The concept has been maintained until today with the difference that the club has a different name - the club of sponsors, and unites sponsors of the NOC SLO.

Working meetings are usually organized up to 4 times a year, primarily to inform about past, current and upcoming marketing events (promotional campaigns, organization of individual projects, ...). Their content has become focused on creating a number of ideas about even better marketing (co-operation), often as a suggestion from sponsors. This is an excellent starting point for the management of Olympic marketing, especially for those who are actually its creators or supporters.

mag. Bojana Okorn Počivavšek
Tel: 01 230 60 45
Fax: 01 230 60 22

Business Marketing Council

President: mag. Vojka Ravbar
Šerčič Vesna
Božič Marolt  Janja
mag. Berločnik Tomaž
dr. Mancevič Denis
dr. Fornazarič Milena
Petek Milko
mag. Filli Marko
Apih Jure
Škof Gabrijel
Bukovnik Janez
Končan Darko
dr. Cirman Andreja
Kolbl Marko
Jontes Tomaž

The other group that influences marketing is the Business Marketing Council. This is a group of independent experts, whose task is to guide the concepts of the business marketing department and to critically assess its work. Just as the club of sponsors, the Business Marketing Council meets up to 4 times a year. The Business Marketing Council is the consultative body of the Executive Committee of the NOC SLO.

Professional services contact:
Mag. Bojana Okorn Počivavšek
Tel: 01 230 60 45
Fax: 01 230 60 22

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