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Gold partners of NOC SLO


Kompas, d.d.

In May 2014, Kompas became a golden partner of the OKS. The contract is signed for the next Olympic period from 2014 to 2018. Like our outstanding athletes, Kompas and NOC SLO are already preparing for new ventures, the European games and the Olympic Games.
At the very beginning, at the start of the Olympic Committee of Slovenia, Kompas became a partner and participated in 13 Olympic Games (6 summer and 7 winter).

Ljubljana Airport


For more than 20 years, Kontron has been at the very top of Slovenian IT companies. It is recognized as a reliable partner that improves the business results of major Slovenian and foreign companies with a wide portfolio of IT and business-application consulting services.
Sport lives in Kontron and they also wanted to support it. Therefore, they allowed the Olympic Committee of Slovenia - the Association of Sports Associations (OKS-ZŠZ) to focus on its operations, while they themselves took over the overall responsibility for IT.

DELO, d.o.o.

Media house Delo is proud of half a century of tradition. During this time, Delo became one of the leading and most influential companies on the Slovenian media market.


Press Clipping d.o.o.

Press Clipping d.o.o. je podjetje za spremljanje in analizo medijskih objav, podporo PR aktivnostim, business intelligence, izdelavo digitalnega arhiva, forenzično preverjanje ... Njhovo poslanstvo je razvijati orodja za spremljanje in razumevanje medijev.

Silver partners of NOC SLO

Bronze partners of NOC SLO

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