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Sport Centres

Description and purpose of sports centers

The idea of ​​establishing a network of sports centers for the preparation of top-level and other athletes has long been present in Slovenia and is based on the desire to further systematically improve the conditions for the development of the sports industry. The needs in modern sport training and preparation require high standards and involvement of experts from different fields. The transfer of experience and knowledge among experts from various fields is also encouraged (sports medicine, nutrition, psychology, ...), athletes, coaches. In addition to classic preparation, educational programs for future professionals could be held in direct connection with practice, licensed seminars, ...  The sports centers could therefore be a meeting place for such activities.

Sports centers are divided into 4/5 levels:
  •     Olympic Sports Center
  •     National Sports Center
  •     Regional Sports Center
  •     Inter-municipal Sports Center
  •     Municipal Sports Center

Glavni sponzor

Glavni medijski sponzor

Veliki sponzorji