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Foundation funds for athletes

Funding for athletes from socially disadvantaged backgrounds

NOC SLO has established a special foundation, which aims to collect and distribute resources for young athletes from socially disadvantaged backgrounds. As a rule, the Foundation distributes funds 2 times a year. NOC SLO runs several activities for collecting funds from charity events and through a call center for donation.

A special program for collecting funds, is the organization of events for companies that are ready to devote some funds for the development of sports and support for young athletes from socially disadvantaged backgrounds. Programs (Olympic lessons, mini-olympics, team olympics, Olympic motivational gathering) have often been carried out for different target groups. A special feature is the integration of Olympic symbolism and Olympic values. Active or former top Slovenian athletes actively participate in the programs. The NOC SLO programs are carefully planned, so in addition they also have a lot of value since they contribute ​​to promoting regular sports activities and the Olympic and sports values ​​that are reflected both in the field of sports and in everyday life.

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