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Long-distance studying

• For several years now, more specifically since 2002, the Olympic Committee of Slovenia - the Association of Sports Federations, in cooperation with the big sponsor, Telekom Slovenia - has implemented a long-distance education project online - e-education for top athletes.
• In order to provide young athletes with high-quality education, we continue to participate with three schools: Gymnasium France Prešeren from Kranj, Gymnasium Šiška from Ljubljana, II. Gymnasium Maribor and Gymnasium Jesenice.
• Within the framework of the project, the selected pupils in agreement with their school are provided adequate Internet connection to school programs that the teachers adjust for this kind of education. E-education means a lot to students, because education is carried out in agreement with the professors even during their absence due to practice and competitions around the world. Without the cooperation and support of Telekom Slovenia such education would be much more difficult to implement.

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